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About Smart Tray NZ

Hey my name is Jeremy Bond and I thought of the concept and idea of Smart Tray. I was looking into automatic feeding systems because of hearing such great things but couldn’t afford them. I tryed to look offshore for something similar but autopot seemed to be the only system available . Instead of buying I thought I could simply make my own ,so I tryed just That.

I was drilling into the sides of the plastic trays to connect the hose to them all and they kept snapping and braking. I just thought to myself,If only there was a silicon plug I could just plug in hassle free and that’s where i thought I might be onto something . So I decided to investigate further what a silicon trays benefits would be.

Not only does the silicon aid a easy sealed connection, it can be used with different sizes and styles of pots. 1 year on iv got the product designed and in testing. To our surprise we found many different uses so I got a patent for my system and tried to make it as flexiable with however the cultivator preferences of growing were. It’s now I believe the most versatile hydroponic tray on the market. The hydroponic Smart tray will have more models being released so I’d welcome any feedback

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