Smart Tray




One of the standout features that sets it apart from the rest is the smart trays its unique silicon-made structure, which is specially designed to provide a seamless seal and much more . This means that you can say goodbye to any worries about water loss or sunlight leakage when your pot is placed inside. Unlike other systems, this tray can stretch and accommodate multiple pot sizes, making it incredibly versatile and adaptable to your specific needs. No longer do you have to buy expensive specific made pots that look plane and ugly . We wanted something that could easily blend in and turn your normal plant into a hydroponic sensation.


What sets this smart tray apart is its 13mm female bottom plug piece, making it incredibly easy to use. Simply plug in your preferred watering or feeding system, and rest assured that it is securely sealed. The 13mm size ensures that there are no concerns about blockage or inefficiency while knowing the silicon seal in strong enough to hold even when moved


With this easy plug-in feature, both home growers and commercial cultivators can enjoy a wide range of options, whether they prefer indoor or outdoor gardening. The silicon tray can accommodate various pot sizes, including fabric pots, making it suitable for all types of growers. Additionally, hydro growers can now effortlessly utilize airpots, thanks to the tray's versatile and adaptable design.


Flexibility is key with this smart tray, as it offers options for both bottom and top feeding of your plants. Whether you prefer a traditional watering approach or a more advanced hydroponic system, this tray can accommodate your preferred method. Cleaning the tray is a breeze, thanks to its easy-to-clean design, ensuring that maintenance is hassle-free.


Rest assured, this smart tray is food safe and made with high-quality materials. With the addition of a reservoir, your plants can be automatically fed for weeks, providing a convenient and sustainable solution for busy growers.


In summary, the hydroponic smart tray is a game-changer for plant cultivation. Its innovative, patented design ensures a perfect seal, accommodating various pot sizes and allowing for easy plug-in functionality. Whether you're a home grower or a commercial cultivator, this tray offers a range of options and is compatible with different feeding methods. With its food-safe construction and the ability to auto-feed plants, this smart tray is a must-have for anyone looking to take their gardening to the next level.